Leap Year Party Idea

This past weekend I helped my friend, Michele, with a Leap Year Party she was planning for her boyfriend. He is a “Leaper” or as we know them, a Leap Year Baby. While I was doing research for Leap Year décor, all I could find was frog related stuff. That simply would not do. This gentleman had very specific ideas of what he wanted and I was put “on the case” to make sure his ideas came alive!

He wanted the colors to be black, blue, white and silver….not froggy green! We decided to do candles in glass vases layered with colored sand. We also decided to  frame idioms with the word “Leap” in them….Leap for Joy, Leap on the Bandwagon, Leap of Faith….you get the idea. Well, it turned out great! Each table was adorned with a black table cloth, a framed “Leap” idiom and gorgeous pillar candles in vases layered with colored “sand”.

We had so many tables to decorate, the sand idea was getting a bit pricey, so I used a technique that I will definitely be using again! Instead of using colored sand I used table salt and colored it with food dye.

Leap Year CandlesI went to Smart and Final and purchased 25 pounds of table salt for under $5. I had the blue food color, so I put the big bag of table salt  in the car and drove to Michele’s house and got to work making our fabulous colored “sand”…NOTE: Make sure you buy table salt. Any other kind of salt will be too coarse….You will need bowls to mix your salt, food color, plastic spoons and a funnel to pour the salt into your container for the layering. Mix your salt 1 to 2 cups at a time. It’s just easier that way…trust me. Each color gets a different bowl. Pour your salt into your bowl and add your food color and start mixing. Add the color until you get the hue you want. Then layer your colors…. Use the funnel. We started with blue, added some regular salt for the white, we had some glitter so we added that. They all were different and really beautiful! Be careful when you move your layered pieces. The salt/sand will move, so just be careful.

This was so easy and inexpensive, I will definitely do this again…..

The birthday boy was very happy with the décor…phew!

I must add that the caterer Michele used was the BEST! The Spot Gourmet in Glendale, CA.

The presentation and the food was divine!The Spot Gourmet








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