Spring Wreath


I woke up this morning to a glorious sunny day. Don’t get me wrong, the weather in Southern California is wonderful, but I’m still waiting for the big storms we were supposed to see this winter….It’s a fashion thing. I happen to adore coats, sweaters and gloves.

So in celebration of this early spring, I decided to make a wreath for my bathroom. There was a spot on the wall that seemed like it needed cheering up. I’ve had an idea for a yellow and white wreath for a while now. I just needed to sit down and make it. Honestly, I’ve been collecting the silk flowers since last fall when all the summer stuff goes on sale, so I already had everything that I needed. I used an 18 inch grapevine wreath. I purchased a white hydrangea bush with at least 5 cluster flowers, a yellow hydrangea bush with at least 5 cluster flowers, small yellow orchids, small daisies, and small assorted items for texture. I had some cute yellow butterflies, so I used them, as well. It took about 2 hours to complete, but I think it turned out great! 20150719_201842

I think the key to a pretty wreath is making it full. Do not be stingy with your flower placement. Let the flowers be a bit free form….not “placed” in position. I always cut my flowers with wire cutters and position them in the grapevine before I secure with hot glue (I REALLY like my glue gun). I place the big flowers first then I add around them for interest. I used rick rack for a bit of fun, then best of all, I made a beautiful bow to top it all off.

I think it turned out great!

The wall seems a bit happier now….






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