Red Chair Redo

I have embarked on a few projects for  my office to give it some “punch”. If men can have a cave, why can’t I have my own spot that is decorated just for me? This is my personal place where I work, create and dream. This room is an all-girl zone.

I like lots of color, but my favorite is red. I seriously gravitate to the color combinations of red, black and white. I adore stripes, ginghams, polka dots and toile. Those motifs always catch my eye.

I recently rescued a couple of chairs from a thrift store for $4 each.  Structurally they were in good shape – but the wood was rough and the paint really needed help. I  saw the potential so  I brought them home to sand, prime and paint candy apple red.Red chaire redo 10

This is a very simple process, but it is messy so you need a few things to make the job easy.You will need:Red chair redo 8

  • Paint:  I used Rustoleum Candy Apple Red
  • Primer: I used Krylon Maxx Primer
  • Gloves – polka dot, of course!
  • Drop cloth – I used a plastic table cloth from the dollar store
  • Sanding sponge – these are so much easier than sandpaper. Get at any hardware store.
  • Clear coat spray. I wanted my chairs very shiny so I sprayed them with a top coat. A clear coat also protects the finish….think manicure.

We have had such beautiful weather, so I took my rescued chairs outside and cleaned and dusted them off. I roughed  them up with the sandpaper sponge. These sponges really are terrific product. It saves your hands (if you are not wearing gloves) and can get in little crevices that sandpaper can’t. I took down all the rough spots on these very worn chairs to make them smooth enough to prime coat. After sanding, make sure you clean off all the dust the sanding creates. You want them clean and smooth for paint.

Red chair redo 6

Now the fun begins…..Start painting with the primer. I held the paint can about 5 inches away from the chair and sprayed away till the chair was covered. If you decide to do this be careful…don’t spray too close to the chair, the paint might drip! Then let it air dry. Checking the primer after 30 minutes is key and check for any missed spots. If you missed some spots, spray again with primer. Each chair took about 1.5 cans of primer. Even just primed in white there is a vast improvement!

When the primer is dry, bring out your paint can and start spraying. Same as above. Again, check after 30 minutes dry time for any spots that you may have missed. I guarantee you missed a few! Go back and paint some more. Each chair took 1.5 cans of the Candy Apple Red.

This was a fast project from start to finish. I probably could have finished them in 1 day, but I spread it out over 2 days to make this a great weekend project. I primed one day and painted the next. I made some cute pillows and tied a bow around the finished chairs for fun.Red chair redo 1

Now I have extra seating if I need it, and some very perky chairs that have gotten a new lease on life with the face lift they just received from this quick project!

Red chair redo 2

Very girlie, Indeed!

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