Pool Party Fun

I had the pleasure of working on a delightful party this past week. It was a birthday party for a wonderful young lady who was turning 12. She had a pool party with 9 of her BFF’s in attendance . They spent a great Saturday afternoon celebrating together laughing and enjoying a great day.

 When I was hired  for this event, I was told that the only thing that the birthday girl requested  was big “Happy Birthday” banner in the back yard. Her favorite colors are blue and green, so I went to work .

I purchased some blue, green, white and black card stock at a local craft store. I printed out individual letters on  the white card stock on my laser printer in a large font. I cut out each letter with an X-Acto knife. I used these letters as a template for each letter that I then cut out from blue card stock. It was time consuming, but rather easy to do.

Next, I cut out the triangle banner pennants out of the other card stock (12″ x 12″). This needed to be a rather large banner, so I used one sheet of card stock for each triangle that would each hold a letter. I cut the triangle out with the X-Acto knife, then layered the papers with hot glue to spell out “Happy Birthday Paige”. I punched holes in each corner of the pennant triangle stringing each one together with a ropelike straw to hang the completed banner.  Since I am height challenged, the hardest part was actually hanging the banner!

Paige Birthday Banner

The cake was fabulous. It was actually designed by the “girl of the day”, who clearly has a very creative spirit! I will say that it was the most delicious cake I have ever eaten – and that is saying something! It was made by Fantasy Frostings in South Pasadena. Delicious. It was such a fun cake, it needed to be displayed properly. I pulled out my Oilcloth fabric in the “Forever” pattern and it set the cake off perfectly. Best of all….easy clean up!

Paige Birthday Cake

This was a pool party, so the favors had to reflect our pool theme! Each girl received drawstring bag filled with an inflatable blue and green swimming tube and a pair of colorful flip flops! . If I have to say so myself, they were darling!

Paige Party favors 2

This party started out as a small party for 10 girls and turned out to be quite the event – complete with a celebrity chef on hand to cook a marvelous meal for everyone. This clearly was a happy and fun-filled birthday celebration for everyone involved. I am sure that this is a day that will be remembered for years to come!

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