Easy Bow Gift Wrap

I must admit that I have never been a huge fan of Halloween.

Then a few years ago I was given the 7 Harry Potter books on CD to play in my car while I drive. I drive a lot. It took me a year to listen to them all, but I must admit, I have become so enthralled by these books narrated by Jim Dale, that my entire perspective on Halloween has changed. It is a REALLY fun holiday!

So this muggle is writing a post about gift wrapping, that just happens to coincide with a Halloween. My sister has always adored Halloween – and I humor her. This year I actually am joining in the fun!

I am going to show you a very easy gift wrapping idea, that will translate to almost any gift. Cool, huh?

I purchased a cute black Halloween kitty cat kitchen towel and a pack of paper cocktail napkins. (I used to have a black cat named Crissy, so now I collect images of black kitty cats). Go Figure.halloween-1

I digress…..All you do is fold the towel lengthwise in 3rds and then wrap it around the package of cocktail napkins. My little black cat will be front and center.









Next take some ribbon and cut 2 pieces to fit around the folded/wrapped towel. Tie one piece of ribbon one way and then tie the other piece of ribbon the other way. Line up the knots on the top of the package. You should have  criss-crossed ribbon with 4 tails on top of the package. The final step is to cut one last piece of ribbon and tie it around the top knot to join all the ribbon together.


You now have a bow on top without having to make a bow. How cool is that!! This little idea will coincide perfectly with the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays. Make a darling hostess gift using the same exact idea!

Add a tag and you are good to go!

Happy Haunting!



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