Vibrant & Vivacious: Creative Expressions for Lively Styling!

CV Bday MInnieIntroducing Femme Vital Style! It’s another name for me, Cathy Vital.

I believe style lives everywhere. It can be as simple as drinking out of a lovely bone china cup and saucer instead of a plastic cup. It’s the perfect shade of nail polish to “cap off” an outfit for a party. Style is in the details of life. Details that seem to be forgotten every day as we rush through our over stimulated lives, grabbing food on the go or buying a paper gift bag and shoving a store bought gift inside to give to someone for a special occasion.

There are many simple ways to create style in our day-to-day lives. I know this because I’ve been doing it for years!  I have made hundreds of gifts and gifts baskets, cleaned out closets and dressed women for work and special occasions, created table décor and planned many events.  I have shopped for the woman who says she cannot find “anything” to wear in a store only to come out of the store after 30 minutes with the perfect outfit for her.

_MG_3865Style does not mean expensive! Go ahead – buy that paper bag at the discount store. I do it all the time. I just make it unique. I want the recipient of that paper bag to look at it and know that I took time out of my busy day to make something just for them. It won’t take long and the extra effort will be worth it. You will make the recipient feel important. That’s what gifts are supposed to do.

That’s what this blog will be about: making your day- to-day living special. I will be teaching you ways to create a beautiful tablescape and decorate for all your holidays. You will learn how to sew wonderfully special gifts and then stun with creative Mom and Girlsgift wrapping!

We are going to navigate through special occasions, exercise (did I mention that I am a certified Pilates trainer?), party planning, gifting, cooking and shopping. We will do this together remembering one thing….

The details are the difference!





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