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Bunnies Abound!

20160326_140400I Normally  I would not do another blog post on a subject that has already been covered, but I just have to share this. I have a friend and client who had a HUGE table to set for Easter brunch. This table is 12 feet by 12 feet. It. Is. Huge. She always does an incredible job ordering flowers for her home, but this table is so large, it needed something more. I mentioned my idea from last week’s post about the ceramic bunnies – essentially tying the floral arrangements and the bunnies together for a forest effect. She liked the idea, so we went to work!

Well. I must say this table was a masterpiece! She ordered her 3 floral arrangements from Flowerman in Pasadena. The main floral arrangement was a basket with a bunny in the center. It was adorable. It was beautiful. It was the focal point and inspiration for the entire table. The other 2 arrangements, were lovely, as well, but we added some little egg “picks” and inserted them into the arrangements to add some Easter fun!20160326_140237

I wanted to continue the woodland theme created with this bunny basket. In order to do that she ordered 2 bunches of greenery so that it could be placed around the table in free handed form. We used leather leaf fern. The stems on the fern were long, so we cut them down and placed them on the table – making sure that no stems were visible. We added various sized paper mache eggs nestled  around the table top, and finished with the bunnies. I cannot stress enough that the greenery really completed this table. It filled in the spaces that needed “just a little something extra”. It is an inexpensive idea that really added the polish for this idea……Add the jelly beans and malted milk eggs strewn around ….a delish delight to behold!

The four families that gathered to celebrate this Easter meal had a lovely table to view  while they talked and ate among the forest creatures!

I am positive that the hostess received many a compliment on the table she created for her guests to enjoy on this marvelous and joyous day!

Easy Easter Tablescape

I set my table for Easter a little early this year because I wanted to share it with you!

Bunnies and chicks abound with this year’s table design, and it was so simple to do. Always a plus!

I have a collection of ceramic bunnies, eggs and chicks, so this year I decided that instead of putting them in various spots around the house, I gathered them up to place them on the table top. I was careful to space them randomly… you would find critters in a field playing.

IMG_2034I chose to weave a garland of greenery around the bunnies, but you could also use the Easter grass that you find at the store, as well. If your table is not complete without flowers, by all means add the flowers! It’s all up to you!

After I was happy with my placement, I scattered jelly beans and chocolate eggs all around my bunnies and chicks….Yum, jelly beans and chocolate. I do adore dessert first!

I also made my Easter cards from stuff I collected from the Dollar Store (I told you that I liked that place, right?) A little card stock, scrap ribbon, a glue gun, a stamp and ink…..and… cute cards! All made with scraps of what I had on hand. The animals were little felt premade forms purchased last year from – yep, you guessed it – the Dollar Store. I just knew I would use those little guys one day!IMG_1328

The inside was just another piece of scrap paper that I stamped with an Easter stamp and ink. Easy, inexpensive….and adorable!

Just Ducky!

IMG_1351I hope you all have a wonderful, safe and Happy Easter!

Enjoy your day!